To complete a reservation for your school field trip or group visit please follow these steps: 

     1. Select the appropriate subcategory under "Reserve your visit", then select a date.
     2. S
elect your arrival time, then select the time immediately below it to advance to step #3. NOTEthis is not your departure time. You are welcome           to visit until the zoo closes.
     3. Click on " RESERVE "
     4. Click on " CHECKOUT "

Would you like to add a program to your reservation? After completing the above steps, you will "Keep Shopping" to come back here and choose "View all categories" to find the add-on option. Select your program, then follow steps 1 - 4 again.

Please note: each add-on program has its own availability schedule, so be sure to schedule according to your field trip or group reservation.


           All reservations are subject to approval.

Not Available
Available for Departure

Sacramento Zoo
3930 West Land Park Drive,  Sacramento,  CA 95822